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Designing & Building Worlds

  • Phase Two 5877 Rodeo Road Los Angeles, CA 90016 USA (map)

We’ve all encountered fictional worlds that seemed so real, so tactile, so lived-in that we felt as though we inhabited that environment. Blade Runner, Minority Report, Lord of the Rings...

Emerging technologies are reaching the point where we can personally move through these fabricated places, experiencing their complicated mythologies, driving our own stories.

From immersive media like AR/VR to artificial intelligence to cloud architectures, tech is bringing new worlds to life and overlapping them with our own world.

But even the best technology needs conceptual maps, contextual ideas, and detailed textures to layer into the human experience.

This is where designing worlds meets building worlds!

Come with an open mind and your questions as we discuss the possibilities now and in the future for building brave new worlds.

6:30-7:30pm Arrivals/Networking

7:30-8:30pm Panel Discussion

8:30-8:45pm Q/A

8:45-9:30pm Networking



Gil Baron - As CEO; Cofounder at Mindshow Gil Baron brings his vast expertise in storytelling and the digital effects process to make storytelling possible in Virtual Reality. Mindshow is creating revolutionary software for creativity and storytelling in VR, and has been at the forefront of thought leadership in the space since the company’s founding in 2014. Mindshow allows users to create 3d animations in customizable virtual worlds at a quality and speed never before seen at scale, using a user’s body and voice to drive performances. Before launching Mindshow, Gil was a creative director, visual effects supervisor and an active DGA guild director who created graphically driven spots for nationally recognized brand names. Gil has built teams and scaled operations successfully -as such, he was part of an executive team that nurtured Method Studios strategic growth from less than 30 to over 600 employees in over 9 locations worldwide. As a CG technical supervisor for feature films, he created the 3d for the signature CG bullet wake effects on the first Matrix bullet time sequences, in addition to many additional feature credits. Gil has served as Creative Director and Visual Effects Supervisor with many esteemed directors including Dante Ariola, Noam Murro, Rupert Saunders, Tom Kuntz, Traktor, Frederic Bond, Dave Meyers, Tom Carty and as such, has been a part of many Cannes, Clio, and VES award winning teams.

Ishan Shapiro -

Evo Heyning - CEO & Founder, @LightLodges. Evo is currently producing 5 new interactive and mixed reality series for global impact @LightLodges, a new media network model that is decentralized and designed for active participation and collaboration.
Called on as a Magicmaker for New Ventures, Evo is a creative force of nature connecting brilliant visionaries and teams with resources, ideas and opportunities for exponential impact. With 20+ years experience inside major companies, NGOs, media networks, startups and now as a producer Evo brings INTEGRATION, insight and inspiration to new ventures. Current residencies and projects connect VR and Mixed Reality, AI and nanotech R&D with a wide mix of interactive product teams in edtech, personalized product delivery, media, health and impact mapping across fields and sectors.

Nels Long - Nels received his Master’s in Emerging Systems, Technology and Media from SCI-Arc where he currently serves on faculty teaching graduate design studios and electives in the areas of virtual reality and games technologies. Nels is a Founding Partner of the design innovation firm RotoLab and Co-Founder & CEO of Second Studio, an enterprise collaboration platform with advanced 3D design capabilities in virtual reality for the real world. His interest's extend beyond the technical with a focus on neuroscience, meditation, and story telling as the basis for developing worlds (virtual and physical) that support productivity and heighten creativity.


August Bradley - Producer and Host of MIND & MACHINE, a weekly talk show and podcast with people at the forefront of transformational technologies and futurist ideas. August is a consultant with YearZero, where he does strategy, marketing, and biz dev for radically innovative tech ventures. With traditional companies, he helps them initiate disruptive tech advantages in their fields, before they're disrupted by others. He works with Artificial Intelligence/MachineLearning, AR/VR, IoT, Robotics, 3D Printing, Blockchain and Sensor-Tech. Previously August was the COO & CMO of Kite & Lightning, a VC-backed Virtual Reality company creating vast computer generated worlds and interactive experiences in virtual space.

Space is limited, so get your tickets now!

Ticket proceeds benefit LA’s BEST non-profit which provides after school enrichment programs for 192 elementary schools in Los Angeles’s most underserved communities.