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AI LA Symposium: AI, Ethics, and Fairness

The AI LA Community is hosting its second annual symposium to explore the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and what we can do as individuals.


We have a well-rounded expert panel including a professor of applied ethics, a policymaker, a researcher, and a product practitioner.
We are looking to cover both theoretical and practical grounds, and to survey today’s ethical landscape.

Following the panel, we’ll be facilitating a 45 minute workshop grounded on Moral Foundations Theory, meant to actively engage the audience to recognize their own ethical biases and perspectives.

The workshop will be facilitated by Jenny Liang, Design Strategist and Lecturer at Otis School of Design.


Peter Eckersley, Director of Research for Partnership on AI. Peter leads the Partnership’s research practice on topics associated with PAI’s mission, including on best practices for the ethics, safety, fairness, inclusiveness, trust, and robustness for AI research, applications, and services. His work focuses both on projects directed and executed by PAI and in external collaboration with PAI’s membership and other stakeholders. Peter’s AI research interests are broad, and include prior work on measuring progress in the AI ecosystem, figuring out how to translate ethical and safety concerns into mathematical constraints, and setting sound policies around high-stakes machine learning applications such as self-driving vehicles, recidivism prediction, cybersecurity, and military uses of AI.

Brian Green, Director of Technology Ethics at Santa Clara University's Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Brian is also a lecturer (adj.) in SCU's Graduate School of Engineering. Brian’s doctorate and MA degrees in ethics and social theory come from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. His undergraduate background is genetics, biological anthropology, and molecular biology (UC Davis), where he worked primarily with human mitochondrial DNA and viral gene therapy vectors. His MA thesis was on the Vatican's ethical position on human genetic manipulation. His PhD dissertation was on the anthropological foundations of naturalistic ethics, dealing particularly with solutions to the is-ought problem.

Aaina Agarwal, is a Project Specialist on the AI/Machine Learning team at the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which focuses on developing solutions for technology governance solutions that maximize benefits for society. She works with the Head of the AI team to advance policy projects in collaboration with the government, business, academic and civil society partners across the world. Projects range from work with UNICEF on AI and child rights to designing government policies focused on the public procurement of AI. The Forum also convenes a Global AI Council comprised of leaders shaping the field of artificial intelligence to inform its project work and extends project solutions to the global south through a network of newly established affiliate centres. Prior to joining the Forum Aaina was a human rights lawyer consulting on matters of AI at Data & Society in New York, after completing a Masters of Law degree focused on Tech Policy and Human Rights at NYU Law. Before that she worked as a corporate lawyer focused on emerging companies in Los Angeles, having received her JD from USC and her undergraduate degree from Duke. She currently lives in San Francisco but at heart, her home is LA.

Ammon Haggerty, VP Design and Co-founder of Formation. Ammon is a multidisciplinary technology innovator with a passion for solving difficult problems. With more than 25 years as an interaction design practitioner, he is able to approach challenges from a holistic perspective and introduce novel and game-changing solutions. At Formation he leads the design team across product, customer, marketing, and R&D. As a co-founder at Formation, he helps to drive its vision of a platform that understands and serves human behavior. Formation uses reinforcement learning and big data to learn how to meet customers along their natural journeys, then deliver highly engaging and relevant experiences that can incentivize new and lasting behaviors.


Arturo Perez, Founder of Kluge Interactive.

The panel’s central points will be captured and illustrated by designer, Yasmine Molavi, Lead Designer at Swell.


6:30 PM - Networking with food and libations
7:10 PM - Introduction to the event by AI LA Founder, Todd Terrazas
7:15 PM - XPRIZE Ethics Presentation
7:20 PM - Panel
8:20 PM - Q&A
8:50 PM - Workshop
9:30 PM - 10:30 pm - Networking