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MIT Hacking Cancer & Mental Health Issues

AI LA and MIT Hacking Medicine have partnered to host a 3 day hackathon focusing on Oncology and Mental Health.



We all know someone who has been personally touched by cancer. Over the course of our lifetime, at least 1 in 3 people will have cancer. Join us in the cancer track as we stand up to this condition and tackle problems across prevention, diagnostics, and care. How can we tackle the pain points facing cancer patients during their journey as they battle the disease? How do we bring innovation into this space to personalize their treatment management, empower patients, and optimize their chances for survival?


Many of us have felt the impact of mental health and neurological diseases on our society and our loved ones whether it was depression, anxiety, substance use, loneliness, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, or Parkinson’s diseases. Join us in the mental health track to tackle the broad range of pain points surrounding this complex field. How can we bridge the bio-pyscho-social components of disease management and treatment and healthcare delivery? What are innovative ways to redefine therapy in the 21st century - virtual reality, artificial intelligence, chatbots? How can we leverage technology to empower individuals to overcome stress or anxiety issues - wearables, meditation-based applications? How can we use technology to empower employees to take wellness into their own hands? How can we better detect and more accurately diagnose mental health and neurological conditions? How can we ensure broader access to care, especially for vulnerable populations, and improve retention in treatment?

If you are available Nov 1-3rd. Please sign up!

Earlier Event: October 17
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