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Artificial Intelligence Los Angeles (AI LA) is a community that convenes on a consistent basis to provide public education on contemporary topics and multidisciplinary applications of AI. AI LA provides professional development opportunities for the diverse groups we work with in Los Angeles and beyond. We use a flywheel strategy, where each program supports another, and as the momentum builds, it accelerates faster with less effort.


annual conference

earth SUMMIT

A unique opportunity to learn from and engage with innovators making a difference in sustainable development. Whether you are interested in climate tech or passionate about protecting the earth’s ecosystems, the conversations taking place at the Earth Summit will both illuminate topics in sustainability and inspire new ideas.

annual symposium

responsible ai

Each year, we invite academics and industry experts to explore the ethical landscape of artificial intelligence; what we can do as individuals, and how to address bias, ethics, and privacy, while exploring what a fair, accountable, and transparent AI system looks like.

annual conference


Los Angeles’ preeminent event bringing together academia and industry to showcase the latest advances in exponential technologies; discuss healthcare’s most pressing issues, and empower the new generation of data-driven startups that are transforming the healthcare industry to improve patient outcomes.

monthly program

special interest group

Each month, we virtually convene to discuss a different thought-provoking topic. We prepare with movies, books, articles, debates and other media leading up to the meeting.

ongoing program


I.D.E.A.S. focuses on exposing professionals and students to AI Product Management while growing a more diverse recruitment pipeline for companies to source talent. We believe in removing barriers to help cultivate creative AI ideas and innovations that will help solve the world’s greatest challenges.

ongoing program

Open Innovation Studio

A shared space for collaborative innovation to take root and thrive by bringing together diverse engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, designers, local government, and industry partners to identify environmental, social, and clinical challenges that could be solved by novel artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytic applications.