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Are you passionate about artificial intelligence and its impact on society? Come and explore the rapidly evolving field of Responsible AI with other fellow AI LA community members in the Los Angeles area. The reading group aims to keep members informed of the latest research papers, in-depth articles, and significant news items surrounding the ethical development and deployment of AI technologies.

What We Do:
The group offers a forum for regular thought-provoking discussions, both IRL and virtually, along with real-time dialogue on Discord. We provide regular email updates to keep all members informed and engaged. Members collectively explore AI ethics to foster an understanding that supports responsible practices in AI technology.

Who Should Join:
The reading group is open to anyone interested in the ethical aspects of AI, including academics, industry professionals, students, and anyone curious about the technology’s broader implications.

Get Involved:
Those interested in joining or contributing to the formation of the group’s agenda are encouraged to fill out our sign up form and join our Discord server. This is a great opportunity to join a collective effort to navigate the complexities of Responsible AI together.


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