February BioSync: Fireside Chat with Wim Kees Janssen and Evan Tsang

Mar 14, 2024

Last week, AI LA, in collaboration with Bioscience LA, BitsinBio, Skylar Consulting, and Nucleate, hosted the second-ever BioSync mixer that illuminated the intersections of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and synthetic data. The evening began with a lightning talk by Evan Tsang, VP of Skylar Consulting, focusing on scaling for commercialization, which set the tone for a night of in-depth discussion.

This month's BioSync featured a fireside chat with Wim Kees Janssen, Co-Founder & CEO of Syntho, and Evan. They discussed the nuances of synthetic data and its crucial role in the biotech sector while addressing data privacy concerns. The conversation provided attendees with a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of AI in the biotech industry.

Tsang's opening remarks on the importance of scalability in commercialization highlighted the challenges businesses face when growing their technologies, especially in maintaining data integrity and privacy.

Later, Janssen shared Syntho's approach to crafting synthetic data that retains the original datasets' statistical properties without compromising individual privacy. This process is significant in the medical field, allowing for the advancement of research and analytics while ensuring patient confidentiality. The discussion highlighted synthetic data's power to revolutionize healthcare analytics by providing a secure alternative to using personal health information for research.

The speakers also tackled the technical and ethical challenges of synthetic data. Janssen outlined the AI models' training processes and the meticulous quality checks ensuring data accuracy and usability. The conversation underscored the delicate balance between data utility and privacy, a central theme in the evolving landscape of AI and biotech.

Regulatory considerations were also a focal point, with discussions on international data privacy laws and their impact on synthetic data use. The speakers navigated through the complexities of global regulations, underscoring the challenges and considerations for companies in this space.

The event wrapped up with an in-depth Q&A session, and attendees left with a greater understanding of the potential and challenges at the intersection of these critical fields.

For those interested in the convergence of AI, biotech, and data privacy, AI LA's latest event was an enlightening experience. Join the AI LA community for more insightful discussions and networking opportunities in this rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Fil Graniczny
Director of Ambassador Events