OIC Spring 2022 Info Session Recap

Mar 10, 2022

On March 8th at 5 pm PST we hosted an information session with our LA County stakeholders to provide context, answer any questions from registered participants, and most importantly, discuss our why. 

This hackathon is intended to be a challenge-based learning exercise where teams will compete to develop a proof of concept that best solves the challenge LA County faces with invasive pests, within 4 weeks. 

LA County is not the only region suffering from this problem where pests kill our trees, fueling wildfires. We hope our winning teams will further develop their proof of concept into an MVP and scale their operations to protect other regions around the world.

Register by March 16th 11:59:59 PST

Our Info Session Deck


Register by March 16th 11:59:59 PST

Everyone who registers will be emailed by March 17th at noon pacific if they were accepted into the challenge. 

Team Requirements

  • Unfunded individuals and teams (bootstrapped is ok)
  • Not affiliated with AI LA, LA County, Starburst, Microsoft, or any sponsors
  • The team attends the March 18th Friday kick-off in-person
  • The team is available to present in-person on Demo Day, April 21st

Individuals / Partial Teams
If you are an individual or have a partial team and are looking for additional team members we will do our best to help you. Please email OIS@joinai.la 

It’s mandatory for teams to attend 3/18 Friday’s kick-off. 
It’s recommended that at least one team member attends in-person Saturday and Sunday.
Teams will be allowed to stay at BioscienceLA until 10 pm each day during the kick-off weekend.


Friday, March 18: 6-9pm
Stakeholder Presentation
Team Building

Saturday, March 19: 10am-3pm
Design Workshop
Business Strategy Workshop
Computational Analysis + Remote Sensing Workflow Workshops
Work Sessions

Sunday, March 20: 10am-3pm
Work Sessions
Presentation and Stakeholder Feedback


*** Project submissions are due 11:59:59pm PST on April 19th, 2022 ***



  • One preprocessed time-series chip (250*250 pixel, 200-300 images)
  • The data is formatted as python-native numpy array (8 bands, including preprocessed quality bands).
  • Landsat 8 data
  • LA County GIS data portal
  • ISHB and GSOB Infestation GIS and CSV files
  • Microsoft Azure cloud support
  • Lenovo data science workstation
  • Mentors
  • Workshops
  • Space to work over the kickoff weekend
  • One meal a day and snacks over the kickoff weekend
  • More resources will be announced during the kickoff weekend! 


  • Data Workflow (10%)
  • Model Accuracy (30%)
  • Functionality (20%)
  • UX Design (20%)
  • Alignment with Challenge (10%)
  • Presentation (10%) 


1st Place
$10,000 USD 
• Featured on the AI LA Blog 
• Social network amplification from our partners 
• Office Hours with Starburst Aerospace 
• 4 hours of free corporate services with Wilson Sonsini ($4,000 value)
• Showcase your work at the BioscienceLA Collaboration Hub for 3 months

2nd and 3rd Places
$2,500 USD 
• Featured on the AI LA Blog 
• Social network amplification from our partners
• Office Hours with Starburst Aerospace 
• 2 hours of free corporate services with Wilson Sonsini ($2,000 value)

Winning Teams
First, second, and third-place teams will need to incorporate and have a bank account created to accept the unrestricted grant. Using a fiscal sponsor is another way teams can accept the grant.

If you have any questions, would like to mentor, or become a sponsor please contact OIS@joinai.la 

Thank you!

Register by March 16th 11:59:59 PST

Watch the info session here:

Learn about AI and Remote Sensing from Su Ye, Postdoc at University of Connecticut and Jennifer Buz, Remote Sensing Scientist at Orbital Sidekick:

Todd Terrazas
AI LA, Executive Director

As an innovator in the tech information and education space, Todd focuses on creating a robust ecosystem of resources and collaborative partnerships that can enhance LA's AI literacy, catalyze innovation, and advance workforce development opportunities.