District 3: THE HOMES WE Inhabit

Although homelessness is an LA-wide issue, it does significantly affect the communities in District 3, which extends from the San Fernando Valley to Calabasas to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. The growing unhoused population here and across LA were especially affected by Covid and its accompanying effects.

The District 3 monolith uses datasets related to housing accessibility like: Income, Unemployment, Rent Severity, Owner Severity, Crowding, Single Parents, Neighborhood Index

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In the future, AI predictive models play a role in anticipating housing needs of individuals who are encountering circumstances that may cause them to be unhoused and connecting them to relevant resources before they become unhoused. Modeling also can be used to track actual transient unhoused populations in order to better direct resources, as well as to develop a better model of internal social networks within unhoused communities in order to build systems of care delivery that may be better received. AI in partnership with GIS systems can also target where to build more housing, tap into new sustainable construction methods, and support incentive structures for neighborhoods to build more high-density housing units.

How does AI change the future of housing?
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