A love letter to l.a.

A Love Letter to LA is an exploration of the LA we live in, and the future one that we dream about. Using data drawn from across LA’s five supervisory districts, Ouchhh designed a data story that reflects the challenges of each district, and the promise of AI innovation in shaping a better future.

As we look to the role that AI might play in our near future, the possibilities before us our endless. The story of artificial intelligence isn’t the story of one industry vertical, but rather a layer that touches all elements of our city’s ecosystems and directly creates new ways of being and thinking. As new systems of living emerge, the stories we imagine for ourselves begin to change as well. Join us in stepping into and imagining that future.

The custom AI Data Sculptures created by Ouchhh Studio will be available via NFT auction.

Read our blog article about this project and Light at the End of the Funnel.

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About this Project

The AI generated art exhibits leveraged the following data sets from each respective source below:

CDC/ATSDR Social Vulnerability Index

Medicare Physicians and Other Practitioners by Provider

LA County Health Insurance, Healthy Places Index, Justice Equity Need and Services Indexes, Limited English Households, Tenant Vulnerability Index

LA Almanac Supervisory Districts

The data was then scrubbed, filtered for LA County Census Tracts or Zips (as needed) and integrated according to the monolith themes designated by district below:
District 1 Accessibility - Supermarkets, Transportation, Income, Employment, Commuting, Retail
District 2 Environment- Pollution, Air Quality, Asthma Medicare, Canopy, Park Access, Automobiles, Transportation, H20 contamination
District 3 Housing- Income, Unemployment, Rent Severity, Owner Severity, Crowding, Single Parents, Neighborhood Index
District 4 Racial Equity- Population, Language, Education, Social, Depression, Happiness Index
District 5 Health Access- Access to Healthcare, Insurance, Medicare Comorbidities, Life Expectancy, Medicare Risk Score


Todd Terrazas - Creative Director and Producer
James Macion - Data Wrangler
Rachel Joy Victor - Narrative Designer
Ouchhh Studio - Generative AI Artist
3500Kelvin - VFX Production
Media Pollution - VIP 1984 installation
Anna Schumacher - Production Coordinator

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